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Goodbye, thirsty jeans, hello future. These trousers are a better version of your favourite jeans. The fabric has a similar feel, but they're made in 100% premium hemp fabric. You get all the comfort and durability, with no pesticides and 95% less water used in their production.

All components are made from natural materials
100% premium European hemp. Our hemp grows in Eastern Europe and is spun into yarn locally, before travelling to the Netherlands where it's woven and dyed.
Thread- 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, produced in Egypt
Buttons- 100% coconut shell. Manufactured in Italy from coconut shells sourced in China
Interlining- 100% brushed cotton, formaldehyde free
Brand Label- 100% linen from offcuts from our design process, trimmed with GOTS certified organic cotton thread
Care Label- 100% OEKO-TEX STeP certified organic cotton

Size & Fit
Marek is 1.80 m and size 42. He’s wearing size M-L of our hemp trousers.
Emmanuel is 1.91 m and size 42. He’s wearing size M-L of our hemp trousers.


Designed for circularity, fully biodegradable
Made in Barcelona, Spain

By buying this product, you're helping the environment by saving:
34 kilometers of driving emissions
4.4 years of drinking water
You're also giving work to disenfranchised populations:
14% of your purchase (£47) goes to supporting women in the criminal justice system re-enter the job market.
4% of your purchase (£13.5) goes to supporting the labor inclusion of people with mental health disorders.
Thank you for contributing to a better economy2

The brand
We created Trace Collective to turn the fashion industry into a tool for positive social and environmental impact. So we want to keep this short and to the point – no long storytelling that leaves you wondering how we’re sustainable. Our team and our European network of supply chain partners work really hard to create pieces that not only are the highest quality, but are also leaving the world a better place than it was before they were produced. 
Sustainable today can only mean regenerative. As an industry we’ve spent many years setting modest targets for reducing our negative impacts. But we’re out of time, and we think if new clothes are to be produced in today’s world, we need to make sure that these pieces are not just damaging less – they must play a role in actively repairing the environment and the very fibre of the local communities where our clothes are produced.
For each of our products, we apply the LCT framework (Life Cycle Thinking) to measure, report and manage our impacts at each of the stages of our life cycle – from the moment the seeds of our natural fabrics are sown, to the very last step when our clothes are shipped from our European factories to your home. We apply the LCT framework on the following 5 impact areas and have developed 4 strategies to measure and manage it. Browse the areas below and become part of our journey to a better fashion industry.