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מכנסיים רחבים אלו הם פריט חובה בארון. נראים נהדר במשרד בדיוק כפי שהם יראו באירועים פורמליים. המכנסיים עשויים מבד אריג לבן שנופל באלגנטיות, הם יושבים בצורה מחמיאה על המותניים. מתאים באופן מושלם עם ז'קט לבן כחליפה.

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The brand


Mor Shukrun believes in the power of simplicity, and how a sole element can say so much. When she started her own brand, Mor knew that she wants to explore the endless possibilities that can be redrawn from a single dot.

Coming from a background of textile design, Mor knew that her starting point will be the fabric she wants to create. Her fascination with the concept of “vanishing point” drove her interest to explore possibilities to invent a new fabric that is light yet durable enough to achieve optical illusions that can compliment any shape and form of the human body.

Dot is a luxury brand for women that creates fine knitted original fabric, and tailored clothing. This collection alchemizes simplicity and complexity into unique pieces inspired by origami crumpling technique.