Curl Figurine


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Sizes: H: 8.5 CM, W: 8*16 CM

Color: Wasabi Matte

All aware objects are hand-made and so each one is unique. Please note the Color might slightly change due to artificial light during photoshoots. 

The brand

GULveDEK is an object design studio, founded in 2020 during the Covid-19 outbreak by Gal Kuflik (Gul) and Dekel Azulay (Dek) partners in creation and life. Gal Kuflik is a designer and artist in Tel Aviv holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial design from Bezalel academy and Dekel Azulay is a mechanical engineer and a maker, graduated from Afeka College. GULveDEK’s objects are about defining freedom in the modern world.
We ask: What are the boundaries of our freedom? Do they exist and are they even in our control? Using various technological tools, we design objects with the ability to move freely – objects that seem to flow but have frozen in time in the ceramic material. We are inspired by nature and organic forms, which grow and transform in both a well-planned and spontaneous fashion, As expected from the digital nature. All our objects are self-sustaining, hand-made out of clay. As a result, each object is unique and a bit different, as in nature itself.